Gnosis Coffee

Gnosis (no-sis) Coffee Roasters, located in Lewisburg, PA, is a small-batch coffee roasting company focused on roasting specialty coffees with delicious natural flavors. At Gnosis, our focus is to accentuate the natural flavors in the coffee bean. To maintain this goal, we keep our offerings simple to maintain high quality + freshness. Along with our signature coffees, we offer a rotation of premium single origins.

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Gnosis Coffee's Story

At Gnosis, our mission is to showcase the delicious natural flavors in the coffee bean by roasting them to accentuate their innate potential. To maintain this goal, we keep our offerings simple so we can maintain really fresh, high quality coffees. We focus mostly on single origins, but have a few blends also. We maintain a mix of our signature coffees along with some limited time offerings.

We are uniquely roasting on a Typhoon fluid bed air roaster. Air roasting has been gaining in popularity lately, as opposed to the still-dominant drum roasting method. There is some debate, but many experts claim that air roasting provides a more even roast due to using 100% convection heat, rather than a mix of conduction and convention as in drum roasting. Flavors are typically brighter and more pronounced. 

deeply about coffee and the state of human consciousness. Our litmus test for healthy human consciousness is care for self, others, and the planet. We make business decisions based on these values.

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