Island inspired skincare.

We create gentle, restorative skincare products, inspired by Hawaii's lush, tropical landscape and native botanicals, infusing everything we do with the spirit of Aloha.

live the island life

The Hanalei story

Although the islands are our home we're still constantly in awe of the rainbow-filled skies over the Nu’uanu Valley, gem-toned sunsets on the Ko'olau mountains and the lushness all around us. As beauty innovators living in one of the most biodiverse places in the world, we were inspired by the richness of the land and the way that Hawaiians harness and honor their resources. We partnered with these experts to create modern skincare products that blend native Hawaiian botanicals into effective formulas

Made with treasured island ingredients ranging from pressed kukui oil, aloe, papaya, and raw cane sugar, our unique formulations are perfect for everyday use and gentle enough for any skin type.

Causes we love

We're inspired by Hawaii's natural beauty so we love causes that help keep our planet green and our air clean. These are causes we're excited to be investors in.