Granola: hold the crumbs, add the delicious.

At It's Nola we bake just about the most delicious all-vegan balls (granola) you can put in your mouth hole. Baked by actual people in actual Brooklyn, NYC.

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Our story

It's Nola started in one of our founder Margaret's college classes, where she'd bake granola bite to bribe her students. Widely loved, some of those students took the granola bites to the street to an overwhelming response of 'damn, where do we get these?!'

Because attending her class wasn't exactly a viable answer she decided to turn the classroom snacks into a to-go treat and It's Nola was born.

We believe snacking should be healthy and sustainable so we're 100% vegan.

Causes It's Nola loves

It's Nola was founded with a focus on mentoring local Brooklyn women to be their best selves so we're investing in causes that lift women up and support them: