Pickle & Pumpkin

Pickle and Pumpkin founder Neha Shrivastava was born in India, surrounded by a family that instilled the love of crafting, design, and high quality fabrics in her by obsessing over fabric and textiles. Her family wanted the best for their little ones, draping them in the highest quality, softest cottons available. While living in India, the birthplace of cotton, and in a town boasting many craftsmen and tailors, the natural, beautiful fabrics were readily available to her family.

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Pickle & Pumpkin's Story

When Neha was pregnant with her second baby and mother to a wonderful one-year-old daughter, she craved only two things: a pickle to satisfy her pregnancy cravings and clean, safe fabrics for her little pumpkin. Thus, Pickle & Pumpkin was born. Neha’s company exists to provide mothers with only the highest quality, softest, and safest pieces for their babies. We emphasize craftsmanship, functional design, and sustainability, all at affordable prices.

Pickle & Pumpkin is proud to partner with Fair Trade, Certified GOTS factories. These employ local craftswomen in Asia and offer fair, living wages, in addition to clean and human workspaces. These factories use only organic and high-quality cotton to make our premium, ultrasoft baby apparel and bedding. I know firsthand the importance of sustainable and environmentally friendly cotton, which is why our cotton meets strict environmental and social standards from seed to stitch.

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