Poplin Co.

Welcome to Poplin & Co., where we are obsessed with color, prints, and maximalism. Our brand vision is rooted in the belief that colors and prints have the transformative power to change the world for the better. 

We are passionate about creating vibrant, joyful clothing that energizes and uplifts people, enhancing their happiness and well-being. We believe that wearing vibrant clothing can spark joy, ignite creativity, and inspire confidence. 

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Poplin Co.'s Story

Our mission is to spread happiness and positivity through our vibrant designs, empowering people to express their unique personalities and embrace their individuality. We believe that when people feel joyful and confident in what they wear, they radiate positivity and inspire others to do the same. We envision a world where color and maximalism reign supreme, where people are free to express themselves boldly and authentically.

We make our products at ethical BSCI factories from 100% cotton which doesn't shed microplastics in our oceans and we significantly reduce water consumption by digitally printing all our designs.

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