The Coffee Barn

We turn coffee trash into treasure. Introducing our zero-waste compostables.

We are placing the power of change into the hands of consumers by developing durable, zero-waste compostable bags made from reclaimed coffee waste. Through our commitment to accelerate positive environmental impact, we have made it our mission to design products that we as a collective can learn and live from.

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The Coffee Barn's Story

Based in San Francisco, CA, The Coffee Barn (tcb.) is a female-founded venture that embodies a zero-waste ethos. Our innovative, fully circular, compostable bags crafted from reclaimed coffee waste showcase our commitment to sustainable products, inspiring intentional living along the way.

While reducing our global footprint is more relevant today than ever before, resource conservation and environmentalism have been a cornerstone of Latin American heritage for over 1000 years, dating back to when the Aztecs constructed a zero-waste agricultural system. Cultural environmentalism explores the ways in which different societies rely on the earth and how some develop an inherent need to protect the planet and conserve its resources. At The Coffee Barn, we have drawn on inspiration from these exemplary societies by introducing our zero-waste, compostable bags made from used coffee grounds. 

Designed in San Francisco and catering to the nation, The Coffee Barn strives to inspire consumers to purchase purposefully and live intentionally.

The Coffee Barn is proudly owned by Areana Flores.

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