Paraguay, South America

Fundacion Paraguayan

Supporting Fundacion Paraguayan in expanding their agriculutral schools training the next generation of food entrepreneurs in rural Paraguay.

Supporting the next generation of rural Paraguayan youth.

Buy cool stuff, help fund a school- how does that sound? We think it sounds pretty great. Invest in Fundacion Paraguaya to bring the power of knowledge to young people around the world. 

Fundacion Paraguaya helps young people in Paraguay and across the world escape poverty by giving them the knowledge and tools to run a successful business in their most prevalent industry- agriculture. This means not just access to education, but access to a relevant, quality education has the power to help bring young people out of poverty. 

Fundacion Paraguaya creates self-sufficient agricultural schools that teach students innovative techniques and useful skills for running a business. In communities like these, families have been farming for generations. It’s not a matter of knowing how to grow the crop, but of how to make money and be financially successful doing it. These schools are run as businesses, with real livestock and crops. In math class, students learn how to calculate the break even point of a chicken coop. Then, they get hands-on experience applying what they have learned. 

Does this really work? Just ask Jorge Guerrero. Jorge comes from Cerrito, a small community in Paraguay where he is the 10th of 19 children. Previously, opportunities for his family had been limited, but in 9th grade he joined Fundación Paraguaya’s agricultural school. Today Jorge is a university student studying agronomy, and the owner of a micro firm called BIOGRAN, which he uses to fund his university studies. 

Invest here to help farmers become rural entrepreneurs and give young people the skills to escape poverty.


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