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Love coffee? Invest directly into the vulnerable people who bring it to us.

Investing in the people who get us out of bed in the morning.

Many people reading this are probably wondering why the banner for this cause is of cherries. Well, here's a fun fact: those are coffee cherries and the beans that run our lives are their pits. Coffee farmers are responsible for growing those shrubs, harvesting the cherries, processing them to take the fruit off, and making sure those pits are precisely dried so that they're ready to be packaged and roasted up by your favorite local roaster.

Now here's a not so fun fact: for that massive amount of work farmers often barely make subsistence wages and are often stuck in cycles of high interest debt and poverty trying to simply bring every year's harvest to market. When Starbucks sells you a latte? The farmer who did all that work to make it possible gets, maybe, a few pennies and probably owes that to a local bank at the end of the day.

We've partnered with a microfinance organization in Nicaragua to fight this in the first of our "direct investment" series. We've picked five farmers in Nicaragua and are investing directly into them with much lower interest rate capital. Put simply? We're helping these farmers keep more of the product of their hard work in their pocket, multiplying incomes, and helping them scale up their farms to bring us more of the thing we love. Cool.


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Keep more money in the vulnerable communities coffee comes from

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Help coffee farmers make more of the drink we love (and keep more in their pockets in doing it)

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Fight exploitative high interest lending that keeps low income people in cycles of debt

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