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California, United States

Community Vision

Community Vision supports California BIPOC and women-owned community buisinesses and NGOs

Investing to advance racial and economic equality

It’s no secret that for minority and low income communities, access to economic opportunities and resources has been historically limited. For basically as long as they’ve existed, mainstream financial institutions have underserved and overlooked these communities. We’re giving everyone a seat at the table by putting money and resources directly into the hands of the people who it’s meant for. 

You can invest in Community Vision to support BIPOC, women, and historically disadvantaged groups.

This isn’t your grandma’s way of doing good. Community Vision’s mission is to help build financially strong and culturally vibrant communities throughout California. What does this look like? Financing food trucks that increase access to delicious, healthy food, or helping BIPOC performing arts groups purchase space for art and musical performances. Empowering the individuals within those communities to pursue their personal goals and aspirations.

Community Vision combines capital and expertise so that communities can generate their own wealth and build lasting power. This means not only investing and lending, but also sharing expertise, giving guidance, and establishing strategic partnerships with members of the community. This is democratizing capital, increasing community control, and investing in people

Invest in Community Vision to advance racial and economic equality and help build vibrant, self-sufficient communities.


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Support local NGOs that support low income people.

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Help build community businesses that generate wealth and opportunity.

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Invest in vulnerable people to build more vibrant communities.

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A dollar can do good in a million different ways. Here's what investing in Community Vision does:

Economic Opportunity


Social Justice