Trees are kind of great. We think we need more of them. Every $20 invested here plants a new tree that captures over 800kg of carbon.

Make our forests great again.

We had a big manifesto about how important preserving our existing forests and planting new trees is typed up but, well, we realized that you probably know that already. Instead let's do some easy math:

We've partnered with EcoTree to invest in planting trees.

Every $20 invested here plants a new tree.

Every tree planted captures about 800kg of carbon over its life.

The average American's monthly carbon footprint? About 1000kg.

Put simply? A few purchases with +Purpose brands and investing here every month can almost totally offset your carbon footprint. Seems like a no-brainer to us.

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A dollar can do good in a million different ways. Here's what investing in tree planting does:

Climate Change