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Support organizations that shelter and care for animals across the USA.

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What makes life living? Friends, family... pets.

For many of us our pets are indispensable parts of our lives - our support in an increasingly crazy world. Unfortunately for all the support they give us there are animals all across the United States who lack support themselves. From working to re-house some of the country's 70,000,000+ strays, to supporting the rehabilitation, training, and socialization of pets, this cause is changing that. We've partnered with multiple CDFIs across the USA to invest directly into small organizations that support our pets (or our pets to be), from shelters to daycares.

A great example of the kind of organization this cause has previously supported is Dog Day Afternoon, a specialty daycare service for dogs with health issues. This organization was started after founder Leslie's experience taking care of her own rottweiler with chronic health issues. She realized that there simply weren't any facilities dedicated to caring for animals like this on a daily/overnight basis so one of our CDFI partners funded her to do just that. Today Dog Day Afternoon has expanded beyond its initial scope to include caring for dogs that are nearing their end of life as well as working with other local NGOs to find local shelter dogs homes across the country.

Call us controversial, but we think more of this kind of thing should happen so that's why this cause exists. Dollars invested here go directly to helping founders like Leslie build organizations that help support our furry friends.

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