FATEN Palestine

Palestianian refugee camps lack access to many basic services and infrastructure. We're investing directly into Palestinians living in these camps with FATEN (Palestine for Credit & Development) to change this.

Support Palestinian refugees.

Displaced by decades of conflict, there are currently over two million Palestinian refugees living in refugee camps in and around Palestine. The camps that house these people are often woefully inadequate, lacking access to basic services (education, healthcare) and vital infrastructure (energy, heat, clean water, fresh food). Although theoretically temporarily, many living in refugee camps have no line of sight on when they might be able to go home or be allowed to go settle somewhere more permanently. Refugee camp life, to put it simply, is like living in an awful kind of limbo - no stability today, no idea of when it will end.

We've come together with FATEN (Palestine for Credit & Development), a local community development non-profit, and Kiva to invest directly to support Palestinians living in refugee camps in Gaza and the West Bank. FATEN has a long history of supporting local refugees, actually having been created as an iniative by Save the Children but spun off to operate independently once it took off.

This cause is a portfolio of direct investments into Palestinians living in refugee camps. We've selected a handful of different targets, including helping locals buy things like solar panels, water filtratation devices, and paying for education for their families.


Support people displaced by conflict.

Help refugees bring vital infrastructure to the places they live.

Invest to create opportunity in refugee camps.

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