Kenya, Africa

Illara Health

Ilara Health is bringing common, life changing diagnostics to the 500,000,000 Africans who lack access to even basic blood tests.

Stopping disease before it starts

Buy cool stuff, and save lives- how does that sound? Yeah, kind of a no-brainer. When it comes to health, almost nothing is more effective at saving lives than simply catching disease and illnesses early. That’s why an accurate diagnosis early on is so important. 

Over a half billion Africans lack access to the kind of simple diagnostics that make this possible. The cost? Millions of Africans dying of treatable diseases every year - prevented if only they could be identified before it's too late. You can invest in Illara Health to change this. 

Small health clinics in Kenya don’t typically have the money to purchase key diagnostics equipment. Ilara Health sources the most effective equipment and provides affordable financing options. That way, clinics can address a broader set of health needs to increase their quality of care and revenue.

Investing here means bringing cutting edge diagnostic machines and testing capacities to clinics across Africa, to catch disease and save lives.


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Save lives lost to treatable, undiagnosed diseases and illnesses

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Empower clinics across Africa to provide diagnostic services

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Decrease the cost of vital medical care across the continent

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A dollar can do good in a million different ways. Here's what investing in Ilara Health does:



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