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Invest in supporting mental health organizations across the United States.

Mental health matters so let's make care accessible.

We probably aren't the first to have noticed, but there's a mental health crisis ravaging the USA. Over 20% of all Americans are currently struggling wtih at least one type of mental health condition. Half of those? Not receiving treatment because care is either completely unavailable or they're simply priced out of receiving it.

The why is complicated: COVID, social media, worsening income inequality, an incredibly warm future. The effects less so: increased rates of self harm, suicide, lost productivity, incarcerations, homelessness, addiction.

Many people think of mental health care as consisting mostly just in access to therapists and medication. The reality is that mental health solutions are as varied as the underlying causes. Things like afterschool programs for at-risk youth are just as much mental health solutions as subsidized therapy, sometimes even moreso given that the social ROI on these kinds of preventative measures often exceeds that of our typical responsive approaches.

With this in mind we've partnered with multiple CDFIs to fund mental health organizations across the USA, from community mental health clinics to organizations like Project Fighting Chance (https://www.projectfightingchance.org/).

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A dollar can do good in a million different ways. Here's what your dollar invested into mental health access does: