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Nilus is fighting food waste in Latin America by reclaiming food that doesn't make it to market and getting it to community kitchens feeding local low income populations.

Eradicating food insecurity.

Here’s a radical idea- Let’s put food on tables, not in landfills. 

Over one billion tons of food is wasted every year. Despite an abundance of food being grown worldwide, almost 40% doesn't make it to market. Perfectly good food gets thrown out because of packaging imperfections, visual defects, or upcoming expiration dates. There’s no shortage of hungry people who would happily take this ‘ugly’ food, but most of it is simply thrown away because the cost of transporting it to them is just too high. This makes food insecurity less an issue of food quantity and more an issue of availability - we have the food, we just need to get it to the right people. 

Nilus works with farmers and distributors to reclaim deliciously ‘ugly’ food that would otherwise be thrown away, and brings it to local hungry, low income populations. It’s delivered to community kitchens or sold at ultra affordable prices (an average 10x lower than what they would pay at a supermarket). This reduces food waste, creates jobs for drivers, and brings fresh nutritious foods to communities at a fraction of the usual price. 

Investing here means helping low income neighborhoods get access to reliable, affordable, and healthy food. 

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Fight food insecurity in some of the world's most vulnerable populations

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Support community kitchens with low cost food to keep them sustainably feeding people

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