Recycled Clothing Direct

Invest in moving the world towards climate-neutral and recycled clothing.

Empowering Artisans for Sustainable Futures with Climate-Neutral and Recycled Apparel

Investing directly into Recycled Clothing Direct helps over 1,000's of artisans earn a higher income making climate-neutral apparel using recycled materials.

Over 12 million artisans, predominantly women in poverty, struggle with no access to sustainable and quality material, no access to global markets, and no organization to deliver productions at scale to large customers.

Your direct contribution to these artisans not only assists in providing them with a steady income but also contributes to the overall upliftment of communities, fostering economic growth and promoting environmental sustainability through recycling.

This cause is a partnership with Kiva, including Recycled Clothing Direct. Your investment plays a crucial role in empowering artisans to earn higher incomes while creating climate-neutral apparel from recycled materials.

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