The JED Foundation

We're collaborating with the JED Foundation to protect emotional health and prevent suicide for vulnerable teens and young adults across the country.

Supporting better mental health for our youth.

The JED Foundation is leading the way in promoting emotional health and preventing suicide among young adults and teenagers. Founded in 2000, JED's mission is rooted in the belief that every young person deserves a healthy transition into adulthood, free from emotional distress and despair. With a strong commitment to mental health advocacy and education, the JED Foundation provides vital support to students, schools, and colleges nationwide, creating a safer and more nurturing environment for young minds to thrive.

One of our amazing brand partners, Blossom has cultivated a meaningful partnership with the JED Foundation. Blossom understands that emotional well-being is a critical aspect of overall health and that support extends beyond their line of wellness products. Through their collaboration with the JED Foundation, Blossom actively contributes to the cause by donating a portion of their proceeds to support mental health awareness and resources for young adults. This partnership underscores the shared values of both organizations—compassion, understanding, and a dedication to mental health advocacy.

+Purpose exists to help maximize the good brands can do with every dollar they put towards causes. Normally that means leveraging investment-driven causes, but cases like this we're proud to work with organizations like the Surfrider Foundation due to their long history of evidence-backed interventions and a top tier ability to turn donated dollars into good done. This has earned them a rare 97% rating on Charity Navigator.

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