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Support BIPOC women in historically disadvantaged and underserved communities to build thriving and resilient small businesses and entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Fostering Inclusive Entrepreneurship for BIPOC Women and Underserved Communities.

TruFund Financial Services helps historically disadvantaged individuals and communities create thriving and resilient small businesses and entrepreneurial ecosystems in order to close racial and economic disparities and ensure an inclusive and equitable society.

As a non-profit organization driven by a strong sense of purpose, TruFund extends affordable loan capital to financially viable BIPOC Women, small businesses and nonprofit organizations that often face challenges in securing funding from traditional banks and lenders. Their commitment goes beyond mere lending, they offer a pathway for marginalized small businesses and low-income neighbourhoods to prosper.

This cause is a partnership with Cnote to invest in a portfolio of causes, including TruFund Financial Services. Your support empowers TruFund to provide direct assistance to BIPOC women in vulnerable communities within the United States.

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