At EcoSoul, we're harnessing Earth's most renewable resources to help give back to this planet - transforming leaves to save trees and up-cycling plant waste to reduce our carbon footprint. Creating products that nurture Mother Nature, because they're cut from her very same cloth. And forging solutions that are sustainable for the day, the week, the year, and the long-haul.

Taking care of the Earth is no longer a choice, but a lifestyle, and one that all of us can easily enjoy, Every day and everywhere. Some people call that eco-consciousness. We call it EcoSoul.

Ditch the plastic

EcoSoul's Story

We're a group of passionate people dedicated to making great products, leaving the Earth a better place for future generations, and having fun while doing it. :)

Women's empowerment has been central to our culture since day one. We're proud to have women-led operations throughout our supply chain - especially in areas of the world where opportunities are often limited. By sourcing our materials & products directly from local communities in India and providing fair wages, free meals, and transportation to over 100+ women in rural India who produce and pack our products, we're not only making a positive impact on the environment, but also empowering the communities where our products are born.

Causes we love

We believe it's time to be kinder to the Earth, so we're investing in protecting our planet.