Sun Ready Fun Ready

OLITA means 'little wave' in Spanish AND we're making a big splash with our line of eco-conscious sun care products. We at OLITA love to be outdoors - beach, mountains, desert or tropics. We are inspired by stunning mountain views, the sun warm on our skin, the allure of the waves as they roll onto shore, all while creating memories with family and friends. 

Make Waves

The OLITA Story

We got our start in Marin County, California, with our first product - Beach Be Gone body powder. Our founder, Laurie O'Hara, would often go to local beaches with her little children. What's at the beach? SAND! Where does sand go with little children? EVERYWHERE! Laurie formulated a magical body powder to wick away sand, sweat, salt water and general grit from your skin. After the success of Beach Be Gone, we developed other lines of all-natural sun care products to protect and care for anyone who loves to play outdoors.

Transparency provides peace of mind. All our products are 100% clean, keeping skin happy.

Causes We Love

OLITA is committed to helping conserve our planet, especially our oceans. These are the causes we're excited to be supporting.