A bandage for everyone.

What began as an adoptive dad’s chance to affirm and celebrate his son’s identity for who he was, developed and grew into TruColour: the brand standard for embracing Diversity In Healing. Started in 2014, TruColour believes in the beauty of the individual and exists to provide skin-tone shade bandages and kinesiology tape for everyone.

Celebrate your individuality

The TruColour origin story

At TruColour, our mission is to bring diversity in healing to everyone by offering bandages in a variety of skin tone bandages. A bandage is a small, tangible way to show care, conceal a hurt, and begin the restorative healing process. From the individual with the paper cut to the human race, TruColour Bandages exists to provide products and platforms that celebrate the value of each person.

TruColour's skin-tone shades are based on the Fitzpatrick Scale. We currently provide 4 skin tone shades with specific color packaging assigned to each shade: Pale White to Fair Skin, Olive to Moderate Brown, Brown to Dark Brown, Dark Brown to Black.

Causes we love

Our brand anthem is #DiversityInHealing for everyone, so we're excited to support causes that celebrate and invest in diversity.